If you ever need an example of what fantastic post-launch support looks like, just marvel at what Hello Games has done with No Man's Sky. Ridiculed at launch, here we are reporting on its 19th big update since release back in 2016. 19th! It has been a redemption arc worth remembering, and today's free Outlaws expansion is only the latest in the long line of content updates.

The headline addition is a new series of missions set aboard Outlaw Stations. There you'll find merchants selling various goods and upgrades, as well as a forged passport that resets you to reset your reputation with factions should you cause them damage. Another big addition is a new spaceship — the first since 2020. "With unique solar-powered sail and engine technology, this is the vessel of choice for those looking to speed between the stars."

Furthermore, the Outlaws update introduces squadrons that allow you to fly about with NPC teammates at your side. Once a squadron bay has been installed on your capital ship, you can start signing up pilots to fight alongside you. They all have their own abilities and can even be improved through upgrades. To complement the addition, space combat has been retooled to put "speed and excitement" at the centre of engagements.

"Handling has been improved; weapons have new visual effects; enemy starships have shields; and depth has been added to weapon selection with a variety of specialist secondary effects, such as slowing enemy engines or disabling shield systems." Battles can now begin inside a planet's atmosphere, and a new auto-follow mode lets you automatically align your ship with the current target.

We'll see you in another two or so months when Hello Games has its next big update for No Man's Sky. And then another two months after that and so forth. Do you check these free expansions out? Let us know in the comments below.

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