Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising PS5 PS4

10th May 2022 is the date to note in the diaries of Suikoden fans as the prequel to the franchise's spiritual successor hits PlayStation 5 and PS4. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, which is the prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, arrives on the aforementioned date for £12.99/$14.99. This is said to be an action RPG, with the main game launching next year.

Little is known about the prequel, but its Steam page points towards fast-paced combat and town upgrades upon a 2D plain. Some of Hundred Heroes' characters will be introduced in Rising, and there "will be some perks for players that link the game" to Hundred Heroes in 2023.

"Scavenge dungeons and earn materials to reconstruct New Neveah to its former glory and reap benefits applying to Hundred Heroes when it releases in 2023. Cross content includes special cosmetic items, valuable equipment, and trade goods. Make a personal mark on the world of Eiyuden Chronicle by naming certain weapons and delicacies in Rising that will carry over to Hundred Heroes next year."

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