Fall Guys PS4
Image: Fall Guys

If you're still enjoying Fall Guys on PlayStation 4, you'll want to know about this. Announced a few weeks ago, Mediatonic informed its player base that the PS4 launcher for the game — the application you select on your menu to boot it up — would be replaced with a new one. Well, that day has arrived. A new version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available starting today, 5th April 2022, and you will need to download this if you intend to keep playing.

Going forward, you will need to ensure you have the new launcher ready to go. The older version you've been using up to this point will still work for the time being, but it will cease to function from 9th May 2022. Starting today, you can download and use the new version, and this is the one that will stick around following the aforementioned date.

So, long story short: if you want to keep playing Fall Guys, find the new launcher in your games library (it should be there automatically — the icon is slightly different), download and install it, and you're all set.

While this is all a bit of a kerfuffle, players who switch over to the new app will be rewarded with a free shark outfit, so that's cool. Are you still nabbing those crowns in Fall Guys? Dive into the comments section below.