Alongside Fall Guys and Rocket League, the mining game Deep Rock Galactic should probably be considered one of the biggest hits to come out of PlayStation Plus. Over six million subscribers played the title through the service, and now they're all being treated to a second season of content. Arriving on 5th May 2022 for PS5 and PS4, it's titled Rival Escalation.

The trailer embedded above contains a much more thorough breakdown of what's to come, but the headline additions are new mission events, a new enemy called the Nemesis, more cosmetic DLC, further secondary weapons, and another Performance Pass (read: Season Pass). All the new content will be free — even the Performance Pass — but the optional cosmetic bundle will be paid for.

According to its Steam listing, it'll contain a number of Robot Rebellion Paintjobs, unique armour suits for each class, and two variants of a new helmet. Deep Rock Galactic already had a ton of paid DLC when it launched on PS5, PS4 in January, so this is just another cosmetic pack for the pile.

Will you be dusting off the pickaxe and getting back into Deep Rock Galactic next month? Find us some gold in the comments below.