Capcom Fighting Collection launches 24th June, 2022 on the PlayStation 4 – but curiously, unlike rival platforms, there’ll be no digital pre-orders on the PS Store. This means fans will need to purchase the package within an undefined “launch window” in order to be eligible for bonus content – including an extra game in the just-announced Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium compilation.

The bonus content is as follows:

  • Five exclusive new illustrations by:
    • Chisato Mita
    • Yuri Kataiwa
    • Ryuji Higurashi
    • Tamio
  • 18 remixed music tracks by:
    • CAP-JAMS (8 tracks)
    • Knxwledge (6 tracks)
    • Mndsgn (1 track)
    • KEIZOmachine! (1 track)
    • Olive Oil (1 track)
    • Matt Cab (1 track)

Of course, even without all this, the collection will be comprehensive. You can also look forward to over 500 pieces of artwork, more than 400 pieces of background music, and additional features – such as save states, rollback netcode, and additional training modes. It also features a pretty stellar list of titles, including all five DarkStalkers releases and the previously arcade-only Red Earth.

You can find a full list of included games through here, or catch them in action courtesy of the trailer embedded above. Will you be snagging this as soon as it hits Sony’s storefront? Tiger Punch the comments section below.

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