Knack Trademark

Is Knack coming back?! PlayStation's most prodigious platforming hero hasn't been seen since the (honestly, rather good) Knack 2, which released back in 2017 — so we're coming up on five whole Knack-less years, if you can believe it. Anyway, Sony's filed a new Knack trademark in Japan, which has all of us Knackers on the edge of our seats.

But before we head on over to our Mark Cerny shrine to give thanks, it's worth noting that the existence of this trademark doesn't necessarily mean that a new Knack game is happening. It could just be that Sony's renewing it, or that there's been some kind of systematic update. Still, the simple fact that a Knack trademark has been spotted at least means that Sony hasn't abandoned our spiky saviour.

Having said all that, who would even make a new Knack? Knack and Knack 2 developer Japan Studio effectively disbanded last year, and although Sony has supposedly retained some of the staff, numerous key members left to do their own thing.

As it stands, we're probably not seeing Knack again any time soon — but it'll take more than a bit of realistic pessimism to extinguish the hope of the all-powerful Knack community. May this trademark serve as a reminder that Knack still watches over us all.

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