As the fallout from Sony’s disbanded Japan Studio continues to unfold, another team has been established. This time it’s the turn of long-time executive producer Masami Yamamoto, who’s worked on dozens of PlayStation exclusives, including – but not limited to – Bloodborne, Tokyo Jungle, and Soul Sacrifice.

As exciting as this new opportunity is for Yamamoto and crew, we’re not sure about the team’s name: EPIGRAsm. Yeah, they may want to rethink that one.

“I’ve had the privilege of living life through the things I love, so from now on I would like to ‘live with the people I love’ as a driving principle,” he wrote on Twitter, as translated by Gematsu. “I’ll continue to do my best in all areas including game production!”

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of all these new teams; there’s no question that Sony has lost a lot of talent following its decision to shutter Japan Studio, but perhaps these creators will thrive in their new independent surroundings.