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The huge week of PlayStation news that everyone on the Internet was teasing? Eh, it wasn’t so big, right? Obviously we got official confirmation of PS Plus’ revamp, but many of the details had already leaked, and Sony failed to elaborate outside of the core facts. Make no mistake, this was a big and interesting announcement, but the hype cycle was hinting at much, much more.

Kinda Funny Games host Greg Miller was one of the many industry observers fanning the flames by postponing his PlayStation podcast, although in the ex-IGN man’s defence he did attempt to temper expectations earlier in the week. Now, speaking after the fact, he’s elaborated a little more on what he’d heard about three potentially interesting developments.

The first was, as mentioned, the PS Plus news, which did come to fruition. The second was chatter of a PSVR2 event – presumably for the media. It sounds like this showcase isn’t actually happening right now – we certainly didn’t get an invite – but it’s safe to assume Sony is planning something like that in the near-future; the headset was playable behind closed doors at GDC, for example.

The third rumour is the tasty one: an acquisition – and it’s allegedly “really big”. Speaking as part of Kinda Funny Games Daily, both Miller and Games Beat scribe Jeff Grubb claim to have heard about the same thing. Grubb explained: “The third one is very difficult to pin down because people can get word [on acquisitions] but those who actually know are usually legally bound not to say anything.”

As the conversation develops, Grubb explains that he’s heard it’s big, and Miller interjects: “So, we’re sharing information here, but I’ve heard from two separate sources – one of them being a pool of people – that it’s big. That it’s really big. So it’s like, okay, I’m going to delay the [PS I Love You podcast] and see if that happens this week.”

Grubb went on to explain that Sony is very serious about leaks – tell that to the guy who reveals the PS Plus lineup days in advance every single month – and that even though he’s heard plenty of speculation about an acquisition, he’s not going to “write a story about it on Games Beat”. Therefore, all of this sounds like hearsay more than anything concrete.

Indeed, the problem is that there’s nothing really substantial here. As both pundits point out, the information is coming second-hand, and anyone with first-hand knowledge of the news wouldn’t be able to talk about it anyway. Ultimately, it’s best just to sit tight and wait and see – the news will come when Sony’s ready to announce it.