We've not heard anything about MX vs. ATV Legends for a good while — not since its announcement last year, in fact. You've got to love these rough and ready racers, and Legends is looking like another plucky contender. With the above new trailer, we have two announcements: Trails mode, and a release date.

Trails mode takes the action off the circuits and pits you against your rivals in the countryside. Racing to travel a certain distance as fast as possible, you'll need to navigate through dangerous off-road terrain, dodging trees and rocks, swerving through the mud, and sticking the landing over jumps. There will be multiple routes through these races — it sounds like an intense challenge.

As for the release date, it's not that far away. The game slides onto both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 24th May 2022, meaning it's just a couple of months out.

Are you excited for MX vs. ATV Legends? What do you think of the Trails mode? Rev those engines in the comments section below.