We've all been patiently waiting to see what Hogwarts Legacy is all about, and with today's State of Play presentation, Warner Bros. has really delivered. Developer Avalanche Software has shown off its open world RPG set within the walls of the beloved magical school, and it looks like everything we've been hoping for.

You can watch it for yourself with the presentation above (in 4K resolution, no less). Everything just looks fantastic — the castle itself looks like a fascinating place to explore, attending classes gives you applicable skills to use elsewhere, and you'll be able to explore beyond the Hogwarts grounds to new areas. We can forgive some uneven visuals as the game is still months away, but aside from that, we're extremely pleased with what this game is shaping up to be.

Oh, and importantly, the game is releasing Holiday 2022, so we'll hopefully all be cosying up to play this come Christmas. What did you think of the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play demo? Are you excited for the game now we know what to expect? Use Accio on the comments section below