Godfall, the loot-heavy action RPG that was first announced and billed as a key PlayStation 5 launch title, is heading to Xbox 16 months after its debut — which means that it'll no longer be a PlayStation console exclusive. As a PlayStation-specific website, this Xbox announcement obviously doesn't mean much to us — but we think that it provides a decent opportunity to look back on Godfall.

It's no secret that the game has endured a rocky road. Initial reviews underwhelmed back in November 2020, and despite consistent updates and a meaty expansion, Godfall struggled to maintain a presence in the public eye. And to be clear, we don't think that Godfall was ever a bad game — it just never quite lived up to its potential as a 'next-gen' release, and things slipped from there.

Of course, Godfall also ended up on PS4 — a whole seven months after its PS5 launch — which still seems weird. But what was perhaps the biggest backlash came when Godfall: Challenger Edition was added to the PS Plus games line-up for December 2021. At first glance it was surely a good move, bringing a seemingly struggling co-op enabled title to a massively popular subscription service — but this wasn't the full Godfall package. Instead, Challenger Edition hurried players to the endgame, skipping Godfall's main story alongside a true sense of progression.

Needless to say, subscribers weren't happy — and the saga certainly didn't help Godfall's already rough reputation.

And that's about it, really. You could argue that Godfall's been treated a bit unfairly up until now — again, the game's decent, especially if you like your loot-'em-ups — but here we are, right at the end of Godfall's PlayStation exclusivity, and it feels like it failed to make any kind of meaningful impact.

What are your thoughts on Godfall? Take up an oversized blade in the comments section below.