Godfall is one of December's PlayStation Plus games, except it technically isn't. The Godfall that you get to download with your PS Plus subscription on the 7th December is a new version called Godfall: Challenger Edition, which is designed to get you straight into the title's endgame content.

"Godfall: Challenger Edition allows new players to experience the game’s trio of endgame modes, minus the story content of the base game and Fire & Darkness expansions, and grants existing players new exciting features and rewards to enjoy," writes developer Counterplay Games on the PlayStation Blog.

So, if you're totally new to Godfall, you're going to be skipping the main story content of the base game — along with all of the character-building grind. It's a bit of a weird deal, but we suppose it makes some sense when you just want to throw players into the "good" stuff. You'll be able to upgrade from the Challenger Edition to the Deluxe Edition of Godfall, but no pricing has been detailed yet.

The thing is, we're already seeing some PS Plus users complaining that they're not getting the "full" version of the game. There are also concerns that casting new players straight into the game's most difficult content could be a bad idea.

What do you make of this? Would you rather start Godfall from the beginning, or is this the right way to do it? Challenge something in the comments section below.

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