PS Plus PlayStation Plus 1

Sony will have no problem populating its revamped PS Plus subscription service with content it seems. The new tiers, which include a catalogue of on-demand games, will be supported by “every major publisher” according to bigwig Jim Ryan, with conversations allegedly going well across the board.

He told Games Industry: “Whether it’s indies, whether it's big games, or things that celebrate our heritage – all sorts of games – we are going to have all of it, and hopefully a line-up that ticks all sorts of boxes.” We already know some of the titles that will be included – like Returnal and Marvel’s Spider-Man – but much of the selection remains a secret for now.

PS Plus Premium will also include retro titles, spanning PS1, PS2, and PSP – although, unfortunately, PS3 will be restricted to streaming. Again, it’s unclear which classics will be available, but we’d like to think the platform holder has been schmoozing major publishers to get their catalogue across.

Unfortunately, the underlying problem with this announcement is Sony’s reluctance to share cold-hard facts. We have a rough idea of what the future holds for PS Plus now, which is good, but we’re still waiting for a clear roadmap of what content will be available and when. Given the company’s unpredictable approach to consumer relations, we could be waiting a while.