With everything that's been happening with Activision Blizzard on both business and legal levels, it's easy to forget that the company still has a number of video games in development. Indeed, titles like Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 are still very much in the works, even though setbacks within the company have quite clearly had an impact on development cycles, and, more importantly, the employees that work there.

It's Diablo IV that Blizzard has provided a new update for. An official blog post breaks down the game's environments and how they're being created. It's an in-depth and interesting read — mostly because the anticipated sequel is a lot bigger than its predecessors, taking Diablo's brand of loot-heavy action RPG to an open world setting.

The main talking point here is that Diablo IV is effectively split up into five distinct regions, with over 150 procedurally generated dungeons scattered throughout them. These dungeons boast dynamic weather and lighting systems, as well as loads of finer details that should help set each location apart. It all sounds fairly ambitious — especially for Diablo — but we'll obviously have to wait and see how it all pans out. It's still going to be quite some time until this one's ready for a PlayStation release.

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