PS3 Vita PS Plus
Image: Push Square

While we doubt that there are many people in 2022 using a PS3 or PS Vita as their main PlayStation console, it's still worth pointing out that Sony has updated its policy with regards to the all-but-defunct devices.

Following its reveal of the new PS Plus tier system earlier in the week, the company has confirmed that when the overhauled service launches in June, you'll no longer be able to purchase subscriptions on PS3 or Vita. The official guidelines read: "When the new PlayStation Plus service launches, you won’t be able to buy a new subscription directly from your PS3 or PS Vita."

They continue: "You will still be able to buy a subscription using a desktop or mobile device, or a PS4 or PS5 console. If you remain subscribed, any PS3 and PS Vita benefits (such as previously redeemed monthly games) will continue to be accessible."

Obviously this update makes a good deal of sense when you take the new PS Plus tiers into account. The most expensive option, PS Plus Premium, is basing much its value on backwards compatibility, allowing subscribers to stream PS3 titles, and stream or download PS1, PS2, and PSP games. Sadly, support for the Vita's library is nowhere to be seen, but you get the point.

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