Sony’s slowly increasingly the capabilities of the PS App on iOS and Android smartphones, with its Game Capture functionality becoming available in more territories, following a trial in Canada and Japan. Beginning with the Americas – don’t worry Europe, more regions will follow imminently – you’ll soon be able to access your PS5 screenshots and videos on your phone.

You’ll need to enable the feature by going to Settings > Captures > Auto-Upload on your PS5, but once turned on all of your screenshots and videos will be accessible on your phone. You’ll have a 14-day window from the creation date of your content to download the media to your phone, and of course from there you can share on social media as you please.

It should be stressed that once the 14-day window expires, all of your Create content will remain stored on your PS5’s SSD, but it’ll no longer be accessible on your phone, so make sure you grab any clips or pics quick. Of course, despite the obvious shortcomings, this is still a very neat addition, and it’s something we’ll definitely be taking advantage of. How about you?