PlayStation App PS5 Shares Update

PlayStation is rolling out a limited beta update for the PlayStation App on mobile devices. Said beta lets PS5 users upload screenshots and video captures, which can then be viewed and shared through the app. However, this test run is currently only available in Japan and Canada, on both iOS and Android devices.

In any case, this is clearly Sony testing the waters. By enabling the update on the app, your linked PS5 will automatically upload screenshots and videos saved to your console. These shares will stay up there in the cloud for 14 days after being uploaded, and in this timeframe, you can do whatever you want with them through the app, which includes downloading them to you mobile device.

There is a limitation on video capture, though: gameplay videos have to be under three minutes in length and not captured in 4K for them to be uploaded.

This all sounds like a welcome update for the PlayStation App, which hasn't received any major changes or additions in quite some time. Hopefully this beta period goes smoothly, and Sony considers rolling the update out in full at some point in the future.