Sifu PS5 PS4

The first post-launch update for Sifu has arrived today on PlayStation 5 and PS4, bringing with it lots of minor changes under the hood. You can start downloading the patch now, with it weighing in at 752.3MB on PS5. Studio SloClap has targeted three areas with this first update: design, code, and the art and lighting.

A general round of polish and debugging has been done, with particular attention paid to the second level in The Club. Small tweaks are said to have been made, while bugs have been fixed in the boss fights against Sean and Kuroki. These are all accompanied by global optimization and crash fixes.

In the case of art and lighting, performance has been improved across the entire game, and again, there's some more polish and debugging being done.

In the responses on Twitter, SloClap replies to one fan asking about the "exclusive gift" for those who bought the Deluxe Edition but were then unable to play for a number of hours on launch day. The team will apparently tell us more about it "soon". How have you been finding Sifu? Managed to get past the second level? Show us your kung fu moves in the comments below.