Sifu Trophies

The current Trophy data for Sifu on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 tells quite an interesting story. Obviously the game's only been out for the best part of a week, but it's already abundantly clear that most players are having a hard time. See? We weren't lying when we said it was really bloody tough in our Sifu PS5 review!

Okay, let's start with the positives. 97% of players have beaten the Prologue (in which you can't actually die). Hooray! No, but seriously, this next one is genuinely impressive: 80% of players have beaten the first proper level, which is a really good start.

It does go downhill from there, though, and rather dramatically. The competition rate for the game's second level represents a gigantic drop-off, falling to just 27%. This suggests that the Sifu's second stage is kicking just about everyone's arse.

If you've played through Sifu, this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. That second level is arguably the game's biggest difficulty spike — and beating the boss can feel like you're smashing your head off a brick wall until you're totally used to the defensive avoid mechanic.

As you'd expect, the Trophy gains get cut with every subsequent level — by around half each time. Only 3% of players have beaten the fifth boss.

  • Beat the Prologue - Common, 97%
  • Beat the First Boss - Common, 80%
  • Beat the Second Boss - Rare, 27%
  • Beat the Third Boss - Very Rare, 11%
  • Beat the Fourth Boss - Very Rare, 7%
  • Beat the Fifth Boss - Ultra Rare, 3%

As for other notable Trophies...

  • Platinum Trophy - Ultra Rare, 0.3%
  • Beat the game aged 50 or less - Ultra Rare, 1%
  • Beat the game aged 25 or less - Ultra Rare, 0.6%

Yep, it's not easy. But have you beaten Sifu? Where are you up to in your own playthrough? Don't forget to dodge in the comments section below.