The Winter Olympics are underway, so we’d expected a Riders Republic update right about now. We can’t say we anticipated a world-first Prada collaboration, however, but that’s what we’re getting. “Starting on 8th February, players will discover sections of the Riders Ridge social hub decorated with the colours of Prada Linea Rossa as they are immersed in a thematic experience,” the blurb teases.

The collaboration will extend beyond a new lick of paint, though: a new event, named Prada Beyond the Line, will allow you to use the “Faction x Prada Linea Rossa skis, as well as the Riders Republic jumbo bike and new freestyle snowmobile”. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete new Shackdaddy Bandits challenges in order to obtain a Prada outfit designed exclusively for the game.

And starting 16th February, a new Prada sponsor program will be added to the title, allowing you to work through several layers of progression in order to unlock more themed outfits and gear. This is all in addition to a free weekend on PS5 and PS4, which will allow you to download and try the title from 10th February through 14th February.

Said free weekend will be accompanied by a 50 per cent discount on the PS Store, and any progress you make during the trial period will carry across into the final game. Has this convinced you to give Riders Republic another try? Backflip into the comments section below and let us know.