PS Now PlayStation Now 1

PS Now is looking like it will almost certainly be phased out in favour of a rebooted PS Plus subscription, but Sony’s going through the motions for existing members. And this month’s PS Now lineup is actually unprecedented: members are getting a brand new, previously unreleased title in the form of Shadow Warrior 3. That’ll be available to download and play through 4th July, 2022.

It’s joined by a trio of other titles: Crysis Remastered, Relicta, and Chicken Police: Paint It Red. We’re going to be brutally honest with you, readers: we’ve never heard of the latter so can’t add any additional insight beyond the blurb provided on the PS Blog. Relicta appears to be some kind of Portal-esque first-person puzzle game, while Chicken Police is a noir-inspired adventure experience.

You probably don’t need a detailed description of Crysis Remastered, though: it’s the re-release of Crytek’s seminal shooter, which actually looks and plays great on either the PS5 or PS4. All four games will be available to download and stream from 1st March, 2022, and it’s worth noting that all the games apart from Shadow Warrior 3 will be “permanent additions” – although, as noted recently, that doesn’t count for much these days, as Sony has been pulling PS Now releases without much notice of late.