When it’s on song, PlayStation has one of the best marketing departments in the world. Many of you will recall its mid-pandemic antics when the PlayStation 5 launched, including a complete rebranding of London’s iconic underground. And after a quiet year in 2021, the organisation is going a bit mad right now, with a bunch of trendy initiatives all over the globe.

You’ve no doubt already seen its Plant a Tree project, which will see the company make an environmental pledge based on Trophy unlocks in Horizon Forbidden West, but did you know it had also partnered with ecological attraction Eden Project to make its globes look like Aloy’s Shieldwing? It’s also going to create a new wildflower habitat!

Psuk Scr 1
Image: PlayStation UK

Sticking with Guerrilla Games’ open world epic, PlayStation Australia has installed a giant Clawstrider in the middle of Sydney, because why the hell not?

Psuk 0
Image: PlayStation Australia

And over in Italy, you’ll find a huge Aloy statue, on what appears to be a giant slab of marble. This can certainly sit side-by-side with some of the nation’s great renaissance sculptures:

Psita 1
Image: PlayStation Italy

Of course, Horizon Forbidden West isn’t the only upcoming PlayStation exclusive, and this giant Gran Turismo 7 hoarding in Singapore may be its marketing department’s best effort yet. It’s designed to look like a tower of toy cars, except they’re all real. Unbelievable!

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures has somehow managed to turn the Uncharted movie into a thing, with a couple of Fortnite skins out now. You’ve got to appreciate the sheer scale of these campaigns: PlayStation is absolutely everywhere right now.

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