Sony likes to splash the cash on marketing for its major releases, and it doesn't get more major than a whole new console. PlayStation 5 releases tomorrow in the UK (plus other regions), and to celebrate the occasion, it's bringing the hype in the most exciting way possible: public transportation.

The platform holder is pulling out all the stops in the English capital. London's Underground network has been taken over by PlayStation, with temporary fixtures and murals that let the whole city know that PS5 is here. Firstly, there are these amazing signs outside Oxford Circus station, using the face button symbols to brilliant effect:

But that's not all. Four stations have been renamed with terrible (but also hilarious) word play on some of PS5's key games. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is referenced in Miles End, the new name for Mile End. Seven Sisters becomes Gran Turismo 7 Sisters. West Ham is now Horizon Forbidden West Ham. Lastly, and maybe our favourite: Lancaster Gate is now Ratchet and Clankaster Gate. These puns are ridiculous and we love them. Just look at these!

How cool is all this? It's a pretty incredible bit of marketing, and like we said, it's almost impossible to miss. Have you seen these Underground PS5 ads while walking around London? Mind the gap in the comments section below.

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