Horizon Zero Dawn Sales

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a colossal success for Sony and PlayStation. When the PS4 exclusive launched back in 2017, many questioned developer Guerrilla Games' decision to move away from the Killzone franchise — but it was a move that certainly paid off. Aloy's adventure has now topped 20 million sales across PS4 and PC.

It's an incredibly impressive achievement for a new property. These are outright blockbuster numbers, and serve as a potent reminder of why Sony has been so keen to build PlayStation's identity around its first-party output.

It's very much a similar success story to Ghost of Tsushima — another first-party monster that went on to sell well above expectations. Ghost surpassed 8 million units last month, which just goes to show how ridiculously popular Zero Dawn has been.

With Horizon Forbidden West just around the corner, it'll be really interesting to see how well the PS5 and PS4 sequel sells. Typically, sequels don't quite reach the commercial heights of their predecessors — but it's already looking like Forbidden West will still be another smash hit.

Are you happy to see Aloy rake in so much profit? Take aim at robotic dinosaurs in the comments section below.

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