Ghost Of Tsushima

If a company is ever looking to launch a new gaming IP, Ghost of Tsushima seems like the new template to follow. Last night during its CES 2022 conference, Sony announced that the latest game out of Sucker Punch Productions has now sold more than eight million copies worldwide. The impressive sales update represents another three million units sold since November 2020, with the recent Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut surely heavily contributing to that.

In our Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PS5 review, we described the re-release as one that "amplifies an already excellent open world game". Sony offered a paid PS4 to PS5 upgrade path to gain access to the PS5 enhancements and Iki island expansion, but it's unclear whether those purchases factor into the new sales total. "A fantastic range of story missions and side quests make for a memorable offshore excursion, and put alongside the main campaign, Ghost of Tsushima now stands as a PS4 and PS5 must-buy."

That's not all Sony had to share during its CES 2022 showcase, however. The headliner was the reveal of the official PlayStation VR2 name and specs and Horizon Call of the Mountain.