GTA Online PS5 PlayStation 5 1

There’ll be a new in-game retailer exclusive to the next-gen version of GTA Online, as previously teased. Hao’s Special Works auto shop will allow you to upgrade a total of ten different cars at launch: five new ones and five existing ones. Once modded, these cars will allow for “elite driving performance that takes full advantage of the upgraded power of new console hardware”.

This means, in essence, they’re going to go really fast. As you probably know, the PlayStation 5 uses an uber-fast SSD, which means that game data can be streamed in faster than on the PS4 and PS3. It ultimately means that Rockstar can boost the top speed of select cars, as there will be fewer bottlenecks in the game engine when you put your foot down.

Are you looking forward to setting some new lap times around Los Santos?