Gran Turismo Sport

If you invested a lot of time into Gran Turismo Sport, you'll be happy to know those hours won't be going to waste once you move onto Gran Turismo 7. Polyphony Digital announced it'll be carrying over lots of player data from the last-gen racer into the sequel, including ratings, liveries, and decals. The process will begin next Tuesday and update periodically depending on when you boot up the last-gen racer. And even if you decide to play GT Sport once you've got your hands on the seventh mainline entry, all that data will still be available in-game.

Your Driver Rating and Sportsmanship Rating will both carry over on 15th February 2022 and apply to your Gran Turismo 7 profile when the game releases. These ratings will also apply to the Test Season, which is an online championship planned for after launch.

Then there are the liveries, which automatically transfer over as long as you created them after 22nd December 2017 and have been shared with everyone. Decals are carried over no matter what privacy settings you have active, but likes and comments on your creations won't appear in Gran Turismo 7. Better yet, you can even transfer your liveries and then continue customising them in next month's PS5, PS4 game.

There are a couple of drawbacks, like wheels attached to liveries unable to be carried over and the need to reshare content once you've got access to it, but this sounds like a great workaround for anyone worried about losing access to their in-game creations. All of them will be available in Gran Turismo 7 from day one thanks to the transfer method. For more information, have a read of the blog post on the Gran Turismo website.