Elden Ring PS5 Patch PlayStation 5 1

Late last week we reported that FromSoftware had cautioned against leaving Elden Ring in Rest Mode, as unexpected game closures were causing lost progress. The advice, coming courtesy of publisher Bandai Namco, was to, at the very least, quit to the main menu screen to ensure that your save data got properly stored.

However, a hotfix, released over the weekend, has apparently solved that problem. “Fixed a bug that caused certain unexpected game closures [on PS5],” a message from the title’s official Twitter account reads. Honestly, even with this update installed, we’d still recommend quitting back out to the main menu screen before you finish playing – it’s not like the loading times are longer than a second or two, after all.

Still, should you forget, hopefully you won’t have too many issues moving forward. Remember, you can check out our Elden Ring PS5 review – now updated with a score – and Elden Ring PS5 guide through the respective links if you’re looking for more on FromSoftware’s latest and greatest. Have you had any problems post-patch? Let us know below.

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