Yep, that's a typical movie poster with a bunch of headshots all edited together. Forgive us but we can't muster up much excitement for this latest Uncharted film poster. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg feature, of course, alongside the other main characters that make up this big-screen adaptation of Nathan Drake's globetrotting adventures. The caption reads: "Looking good while stealing $5 billion in treasure counts as a skill, right?" The movie is available in theatres from 18th February 2022.

At least it's slightly more exciting than the previous poster put out by Sony. All had that going for it were Nate and Sully in the foreground with a pirate ship behind them. Both looked pretty serious about whatever it was they were doing. Maybe they were on the hunt for Sully's moustache. The main trailer is currently being run in front of Spider-Man: No Way Home in theatres, so at least Tom Holland fans know about Uncharted now. Will they actually go and see it next month, though? Who knows.