Sifu PS5 PS4

One of the many games launching in February, Sifu is almost here. A surefire sign of a game's imminent arrival — on PlayStation, at least — is when the Trophy list pops up online. Trophy tracking site Exophase has the scoop on this beat-'em-up's extracurricular trinkets, and it looks as though this Platinum could be a tough one.

Initially, it seems like a very straightforward Trophy list, with some bronzes awarded for clearing each chapter and collecting important items. The further down you scroll, though, things start to get more complicated. For instance, there are Trophies for clearing the game with the protagonist aged 50 or less, as well as clearing it aged 25 or less, the latter of which probably be pretty challenging. To recap: each time you die in Sifu, you come back to life, but the character is a couple of years older.

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Trophies also pop for completing secondary activities, performing certain actions during fights, and earning specific rewards from the shrine. All in all, it looks like a pretty fun Trophy collection, but given that this seems to be a pretty tough game with an intricate combat system, it feels like getting the Platinum might be a tall order.

You can click through here if you want to check out the full list yourself. Are you excited for the arrival of Sifu on PS5 and PS4? Dropkick the comments section below.