Sifu PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 1

After some gasp-inducing PlayStation 5 first-party file sizes, you may be reassured to learn that Sifu will be fairly small. According to Sony server scraping social media account PlayStation Game Size, the kung-fu fighter will use up just 7.1GB of storage space, accurate as of its v1.002 patch. It’s possible other title updates may bloat that size, but clearly this is going to fit on your SSD just fine.

It follows news that the likes of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 will push almost 100GB, meaning you’re going to have to do some serious clean-up if you haven’t installed an additional SSD just yet. If you’re looking for the Best PS5 SSD and How to Install a PS5 SSD then you can find much more information on that through the links.

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