Remember Witchfire? We've been wondering when on Earth this intriguing project will finally see the light of day, as it's always looked pretty promising. Well, in the seconds-long snippets of gameplay that have been shown, anyway. As it turns out, the guns-n'-magic FPS is still a long way out.

In a lengthy developer update from studio The Astronauts (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), the team addresses multiple questions from fans, but not before announcing how it plans to release the game. Witchfire is currently planned for an early access launch on PC in quarter four of 2022. So, for us waiting patiently on PlayStation, it'll be a much longer wait before we can get our hands on it. Further to that, though, the final release and supported platforms are TBD, meaning it might not actually come to PS5 or PS4 at all.

It's worth remembering that this project was formally announced at The Game Awards in 2017. It's been a long development period, but with The Astronauts joining forces with People Can Fly — the studio behind Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and more recently, Outriders — we still have faith this is in good hands. See you again in 2023 then, Witchfire.

[source theastronauts.com, via twitter.com]