Here's a collaboration so fitting, we're surprised it's not happened before. Yes, Fall Guys is partnering with yet another gaming IP for some delicious new outfits, and this time, it's Bugsnax making the leap.

As you can see in the above trailer, Filbo Fiddlepie โ€” the bumbling mayor of Snaxburg โ€” will soon be available in the in-game shop. The costume will set you back 10 crowns in total, but it does come with two variations; one with his body parts replaced with Bugsnax, and one without. In addition, a Bunger hat will also be available for five crowns. Bunger bunger bunger.

These items will go live between 8th and 11th January, so best get some wins in if you want all these goodies. Will you be rocking Bugsnax costumes in Fall Guys? Catch 'em all in the comments section below.