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Grand Theft Auto III: Definitive Edition will leave PS Now on 31st January, but it looks like it’s poised to be replaced by GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition. A slew of images have emerged across Reddit and social media showing the game included in Sony’s subscription service. It looks like it’ll be available until 2nd May, 2022, which is another short turnaround. You wouldn’t bet against GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition following it, would you?

As is always the case with PS Now, this will be the PS4 edition and not the PS5 release, although all versions of Rockstar’s remasters have issues. While GTA Definitive Edition should have been a slam-dunk for the label, it apologised for the state of the compilation and promised fixes after a shaky launch. In our review, we described the game as “disappointing”.

There’s no word on which other titles will be included with PS Now’s February update, but we expect the lineup to be officially announced on 31st January, 2022. There’s strong speculation that Sony may phase out this subscription later in the year as it looks to reboot PS Plus with Project Spartacus, although the platform holder’s yet to acknowledge these rumours. If you’re still interested, though, you can find a full list of All PS Now Games through the link.

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