Okay, you might be thinking that Trek to Yomi is 2022's only samurai game, but come on — this thing looks great. First announced back in the summer, Trek to Yomi is a samurai cinema-inspired action game that mostly seems to function on a 2D plane. It continues to look very promising in this latest trailer, which confirms a targeted spring 2022 release window on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The trailer also teases more fantastical elements, while the official press release reads: "This fresh look demonstrates how patience and timing are key to the game’s combat; using the opponent's strength against him by employing deft manoeuvres to throw them off balance and land a killing blow. Players will face off against myriad enemies across beautiful and terrifying lands, including spearmen, archers, riflemen and even beings believed to be nothing more than folk tales…"

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