Fortnite PS5 PlayStation 5 3

You don’t need to be subscribed to PS Plus in order to enjoy free-to-play games like Fortnite, but Sony tries to incentivise sign-ups by providing extra cosmetics to members. Following the recent release of Chapter 3, the Japanese giant has launched a new PS Plus Celebration Pack for Epic Games’ aforementioned Battle Royale, which includes a skin and harvesting tool.

The skin is Sultura, a male character in a blue leather garb with a distinctive mask and exposed white hair. Meanwhile, the harvesting tool is the Cymitar, an angular sword that works well with the costume’s aesthetic. Both cosmetics are part of the Brute Force Set, and can currently only be obtained as part of PS Plus.

To grab them, simply acquire them from Fortnite’s add-ons section on the PS Store and they’ll be added to your Locker when you next login. Will you be using this skin at all? Skydive to the Daily Bugle in the comments section below.