Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires has a new gameplay trailer, alongside news that a playable demo is coming soon. The hack and slash action-strategy title is set to launch on the 15th February for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In Japan, however, it releases in just a few weeks, on the 23rd December. So, if you're eager to learn more about the game well before its arrival in the West, we're sure that there'll be plenty of impressions going around later this month.

And the aforementioned demo is probably going to help with that as well. You'll be able to make your own custom characters (who can be transferred into the full release) and sample some of the title's new gameplay elements, which involve storming enemy castles and utilising various tactical commands.

As always, though, we're just hoping that Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires does something to restore our faith in Koei Tecmo's series. The disappointment of Dynasty Warriors 9 is still difficult to forget.

Think you'll be giving this demo a shot? Gather your troops in the comments section below.

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