First announced before the PlayStation 5 was even priced, developer 2pt Interactive has confirmed Heavenly Bodies will launch for Sony's current-gen console and PS4 on 7th December 2021. That is the same day December 2021's free PS Plus titles will be available, so there's a possibility the title in question will be offered as part of the service. If you're unaware of Heavenly Bodies, it's a puzzler set in space that uses the thumbsticks to control a weightless astronaut caught outside a station. Check out the new trailer for more.

In fact, the game will take advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller to make "interacting with every different material feel unique". You'll be able to play it either alone or with a friend in local co-op. In a press release, Alex and Josh of 2pt Interactive said: "We've always been interested in the romantic portrayal of space travel from past decades. Heavenly Bodies is our attempt to capture the grandeur of this time against the nuance and humour of our awkward bodies in zero-gravity environments. The result is a game that looks serious but provides a funny and challenging experience."

Will you take a trip to space with Heavenly Bodies next month? Suit up in the comments below.