Not content with publishing Skyrim on basically modern video game format, Bethesda wants to dominate your dining room table, too. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game is a fully fledged tabletop RPG that brings the snowy region of Tamriel into the realm of board games.

The game is being created by Modiphius Entertainment in collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios. As you might expect, it looks like an incredibly expansive, deep experience for one to four players, aiming to emulate the RPG with cards and miniatures representing the world and its inhabitants. In the trailer, you can see how in-depth this is, with hundreds of cards acting as weapons, armour, enemies, events, missions, and more.

Though not available for direct purchase yet, you can back the project on Gamefound, where you'll find more detail on the game's content and structure, as well as stretch goals and rewards. It looks as though the board game will ship out to backers in August 2022, so there's still a ways to go yet.

What do you think of Skyrim's tabletop adaptation? Are you keen to revisit the land of the Nords in board game form? Roll the dice in the comments section below.

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