Maneater PS5 1

Have you been playing Tripwire Interactive's "ShaRkPG" Maneater on PlayStation 5? Playing as an ever-evolving shark, you become an apex predator, able to chow down on sea life and pesky humans alike. The game definitely resides in the chummy waters of AA titles, but that's no bad thing — in fact, we're big fans of the toothy open world title. It's not the best-looking game on Sony's new console, but today's update should give it a nice new sheen.

Yes, after installing the latest patch, Maneater on PS5 now supports ray tracing. According to a press release, the graphical technique enhances "the realism and appearance of real-time reflections on the surface of water as well as the refractions above when looking up from below". Basically, the lighting and reflections have been significantly improved. Above are a few screenshots with the ray tracing enabled.

While it's a nice upgrade for those on PS5, PS4 players haven't been completely left out. Today's update for both versions of the game include "a wide array of quality-of-life and optimisation improvements". These changes have been "designed to improve stability and performance across all platforms", which sounds good to us. You can read the full patch notes through the link.

Are you happy with these updates to Maneater? What do you think of the ray tracing on PS5? Keep swimming in the comments section below.