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Maneater is a PS5 and PS4 open world action RPG where you take control of a blood-thirsty shark and wreak havoc on the otherwise serene seas of fictional fishing town, Port Clovis. We thoroughly enjoyed the game and awarded it a respectable 7/10 in both our Maneater PS5 review and Maneater PS4 review.

In this Maneater guide, we’re going to share our beginner’s tips and tricks to help you to reach the top of the food chain as promptly as possible. We’re also going to reveal the location of all collectibles, including landmarks, nutrient caches, and license plates.

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Maneater Guide: All Collectibles

Maneater has a variety of different collectibles for you to obtain:

  • Landmarks are represented in the world by small yellow signposts, which need to be bunted by your shark to trigger a small cut-scene.
  • Nutrient caches appear in the world as unopened crates and need to be attacked to be opened. They provide you with a small supply of nutrients, which can be spent on levelling up evolutions.
  • License plates are represented in the world exactly as you’d expect them to be. You’ll usually find these spinning around out of water, so you’ll need to do some platforming to get them. There are license plates in the sea, too, however. Bite them to tick them off your checklist.

It’s worth mentioning that there are other tasks you’ll need to complete in order to 100% complete an area, such as killing any Hunted animals and clearing out any human locations. These will be marked on your map, so can easily be completed at any time.

Maneater All Collectibles Locations

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Maneater Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you’re just getting started with Maneater, then these tips and tricks for beginners should help you to get to grips with the game.

Eat All Sealife

When you’re navigating the world of Maneater, be sure to gobble up any sealife that gets in your way. Many animals – such as turtles and mackerels – are not necessarily aggressive, but consuming them will augment you with key nutrient supplies that will enable you to level up your abilities later on. Pay attention to the types of aquatic snacks you’re gorging on: alligators and sharks are rich in protein, while others provide important minerals. You can use your sonar to reveal the genetic makeup of your prey.

Don’t Be Afraid to Swim Away

In the early hours of Maneater, while you’re still a relatively underpowered shark, you’ll find that it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed in combat. As such, don’t be afraid to swim away from enemies who are more powerful than you. Our advice is to plan an escape route carefully, and eat any other marine life to recover while you make your exit. Once your health has been restored, return to battle with refreshed vigour, and finish off your pesky foes.

Backtrack Regularly

As you progress through Maneater’s storyline, you’ll unlock new areas with more challenging sealife. Don’t be afraid to backtrack at certain points and return to previous areas. Not only will these be filled with collectibles and quests for you to complete, but you’ll probably find that you’re more equipped to deal with them once you’ve levelled up a bit. This will also ensure you’re stronger when you return to the main storyline.

Always Look for Yellow Plants When in Caves

It’s possible to get lost when you’re navigating Maneater’s underwater caverns and tunnels, but if you always swim towards yellow plants and lights, then you can be sure you’ll find an exit. This is a neat little design touch which helps with navigation.

Spec Your Shark Accordingly

As you progress through Maneater you’ll unlock various different evolutions and abilities which can be equipped by your shark. Some of these give you electric shock powers; others enable you to swim faster. We recommend switching between abilities based upon what you’re doing. If you’re anticipating combat, then maybe focus on increasing your damage and health. Alternatively, if you’re hunting for collectibles, you may prefer to boost the number of nutrients you absorb. It all depends on context.

Ping Your Sonar Regularly

Your sonar is going to become your best friend when you’re hunting for collectbles, so be sure to upgrade it as soon as you possibly can. When you’re swimming around, be sure to ping it often to bring up areas of interest on the map. These will be permanently marked, and will help you when you’re attempting to 100% the title later on.

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Maneater Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

To conclude our Maneater guide, we figured we’d field some frequently asked questions regarding the game.

How Long Does Maneater Take to Beat?

Maneater takes roughly 10 hours to complete, with a further three or four hours required to 100 per cent the game, depending on your ability.

Can You Keep Playing Maneater Once You’ve Finished the Story?

Yes, once you’ve completed Maneater’s main story, you’ll be returned to the waters of Port Clovis to mop up any collectibles you may have missed.

Okay, that just about does it for our Maneater guide. We sincerely hope this has helped you to make the most of Tripwire Interactive’s open world shark-‘em-up, but if you have any further questions or tips and tricks to share, please drop them in the comments section below.