Sonic 2022

SEGA has recently filed a bunch of new trademarks in Japan, one of which is Sonic Frontiers.

As you may recall from earlier in the year, the publisher celebrated the hedgehog's 30th anniversary with a live stream event, showing off all kinds of Sonic-related projects. One of those was a teaser for the next mainline entry in the game series, but we still don't have official word on what this game's name is.

Of course, fans have been digging and ruminating on the teaser ever since. Initially, it was thought the game's name could be Sonic Zap, owing to the strange symbol that appears in the video. It was then rumoured that Sonic Rangers would be the title, thanks to a rogue press release. Now, though, it appears Sonic Frontiers could be the real deal.

This name would also gel rather well with rumours that the game is open world, but we don't want to get too heavy into speculative territory. Hopefully, SEGA won't leave fans hanging for too long — there's practically nothing to go on right now. Takashi Iizuka of Sonic Team did say he wants this new game to lay the foundation for the future, which suggests it'll be something of a departure from what we know.

There's one more opportunity this year in which SEGA could tell us more, and that's The Game Awards next month. It's possible the blue blur will make an appearance, but we wouldn't hold our breath — it feels more likely the publisher will tell us more with its own presentation. Anyway, what do you think of Sonic Frontiers? Is it the title of next year's Sonic game? Discuss in the comments section below.

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