What if, instead of the Master Sword, iconic elf Link was armed with a golf club instead? Well, you might end up with RPGolf Legends, an upcoming PlayStation 5 and PS4 title that’s clearly taken inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This trailer shows how the protagonist stumbles upon the spirit of a golf club, which sends them on an adventure across a golf course filled with ogres.

“Travel around in a unique open world where monsters and golf coexist, get your best scores in six unique environments, and beat monsters,” the official description reads. “When you are resting, do not forget to help people with their quests – every encounter counts.” There’s a class system and skill tree to add depth, as well as obligatory fishing minigames.

The title’s due out on 20th January, 2022 in Japan, and judging by this trailer the Western release won’t be too far behind. It actually looks decent, doesn’t it? Will you be taking a swing at this light-hearted RPG? Tell us your handicap in the comments section below.

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