When was the last time you used Remote Play on any PlayStation? Here at Push Square Towers, it's something we're glad exists, but we rarely if ever take advantage of the tech. Still, lots of people do, especially with all those smartphones out there. Following the launch of Android 12, Sony has released a fresh update for the Remote Play app on those devices.

Once you've installed the latest update to the Android app, you'll be able to use your PS5 DualSense controller with Remote Play:

While it's great you'll now be able to use the latest PlayStation pad on the app, it's not the only change. As outlined in the above tweet, the update also enables some of the DualShock 4's features, such as the touch pad, motion sensor, and rumble.

The update is available now, so if you're using a device with Android 12, get Remote Play up to date. Do you use the app to play PS5 and PS4 games on the move? Tell us in the comments section below.