If you've been slacking and haven't already redeemed this month's lineup of PlayStation Plus titles, you might want to get on that sooner rather than later. Today is the final day to claim October 2021's free PS5, PS4 games as part of PS Plus; those being Hell Let Loose on PS5, and Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21 on PS4. Even if you don't own a PS5 console just yet, you can still grab Hell Let Loose through the web store. The game will then be ready for you once you've upgraded along with any other native PS5 versions.

Replacing them tomorrow is a bumper selection of six PS5, PS4 titles. They are:

The three PSVR games will be available until 3rd January 2022, so they won't appear in next month's version of this very article. Did this article serve as a quick reminder to redeem the three PS Plus titles already available? You can thank us in the comments below.