PS5 Stock PlayStation 5 1

Sony is selling a lot of PlayStation 5 consoles, but it’s struggling to meet demand. Those of you who are trying to get your hands on the console will know that PS5 stock is sporadic and in short supply, and it sounds like the situation will not be resolved any time soon. In fact, Bloomberg reports that the company has had to reduce its manufacturing target from 16 million to 15 million by the end of March.

This means that the platform holder may struggle to achieve its aim of 14.8 million units sold to consumers during the same time period. PS5 has, up until now, outpaced the PS4’s sales – but it’s beginning to fall behind. This is all a consequence of the ongoing global pandemic, of course, which has resulted in a shortfall of key components, like semiconductors.

Consequently, PlayStation is not the only organisation affected: Nintendo recently cut its full-year forecast for the Nintendo Switch by 1.5 million units as well. All of this could have a knock-on effect on software sales, and with no obvious resolution in sight, there are likely going to be some big decisions for executives like Jim Ryan to make.