PS5 Sales

We all know how hard it is to buy a PlayStation 5. PS5 stock has been extremely limited since the console's release in November last year, and when it does actually hit store shelves, it sells out almost immediately. However, such high demand has lead to the system breaking a load of sales records up until this point — and now, the PS5 has smashed through 10 million consoles sold.

This means that the PS5 is also the fastest-selling PlayStation console ever, reaching the 10 million milestone around one month earlier than the PS4 did. Again, very impressive stuff for a system that's barely available for more than a few minutes at a time.

It should be noted that Sony is well aware of stock shortages, and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has previously said that the company is doing all it can to improve product numbers. And while these new statistics are obviously great for Sony, the organisation fully expects PS5 sales to skyrocket once stock shortages are eventually addressed.

Sony has also issued sales numbers for key PS5 games, which makes for some similarly impressive reading.

Did you ever think that the PS5 would be this popular, given the stock situation? Covet the console in the comments section below.

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