Final Fantasy Origin Screenshots

Square Enix has released a bunch of new screenshots for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, showing off secondary characters and a few combat scenarios. As we all know, Stranger of Paradise is already weird — what with its chaos-obsessed protagonist and his fondness for Limp Bizkit-sounding rock — and these screenshots make it seem even weirder. We've now got kings, princesses, and pirates to contend with.

Not that we're complaining, mind. As dumb as Stranger of Paradise appears, we're honestly looking forward to seeing how the full game plays out. If the aforementioned cutscene where Jack walks away from a young woman while listening to angst-fuelled rock on his phone is anything to go by, we could be in for a goldmine of inexplicable content.

It also helps that the combat-heavy gameplay seems solid — as expected of developer Team Ninja. The screenshots below highlight the action.

The action RPG's still set to release on the 18th March 2022, but are you looking forward to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin? Pledge your service to the king in the comments section below.