A colossal content drop for prohibition-era strategy game Empire of Sin is available on the PlayStation 4 now, largely transforming the game. The free Precincts update rebalances and retunes many aspects of the alarmingly in-depth XCOM-esque outing, making some of the release’s mechanics more meaningful.

Precincts effectively reimagine how your territory is represented, allowing you to capture rackets in order to bolster your faction’s presence on the map. Supply Chains enable you to link territory together, and also give you an avenue to attack. This adds tactical depth to the title, as you upgrade the security around Supply Chains while you allow the money to flow within your inner-businesses.

The structure of the release has also been revised, adding Acts to plot your progress through each campaign. And police presence has been clarified, giving you a better understanding how your businesses are being affected by the boys in blue. All of this should hopefully make for a more enjoyable experience.

But if that’s not enough, a new DLC pack named Make It Count is also available, which introduces a new Mob Boss, Maxim Zelnick, as well as the Loan Shark business and the Fixers. This title continues to be extraordinarily deep, so if you’re already a fan of it then you’re easily going to eke tens of hours out of all the additions.

If only there was more time in the day, eh?

[source blog.playstation.com]