Project Awakening

Remember Project Awakening? Publisher Cygames announced the game all the way back in 2018, and it feels like we're still no closer to playing the action RPG. It's always looked visually stunning in any trailers or footage, but the title remains elusive. We're not even sure about platforms; officially, it's only listed for PlayStation 4, but PS5 is looking more and more likely. Anyway, thanks to a presentation about its open world engine and technology, we have a snippet of new in-engine footage.

Viewable through here, the short video emphasises the environment itself, which looks incredibly lush and dense. The natural forested area shown looks super impressive, and the final shot overlooking the cliffs and waterfalls is beautiful.

While it doesn't give us any proper gameplay or any clues towards when we can play ourselves, it's at least a reminder that it's coming. It seems Cygames has the tech chops, but will the game itself deliver? Hopefully we won't be kept waiting much longer. Are you excited for Project Awakening? What do you think of this new footage? Slay a dragon in the comments section below.

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